The Knot (Jussie Smollett)

The knot in the noose was tied years ago.

It had been hanging behind

a closed door in their minds.

Long before you drew breath

the haughty circle waited,

gaping like a flesh wound

in open mouthed mockery

at the safety you believed was yours

by virtue of living now.

But the knot was tied and ready

and the circle waited, languid

until the day it could tighten

around your unwitting flesh.

It’s purpose finally fulfilled.

Every gasp of yours

an echo of last breaths

sobbed into the leaves of trees

that bend like grieving mothers

beneath the weight of fruit too heavy to bear.

You couldn’t have known

while you were busy with thoughts of tomorrow

that the knot was tied and ready

on the noose of times flat circle

Ready to catch you

to claim you

to drag you into the past.

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